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Fault Finding with Multimeter “How to videos”

You can now watch our fantastic Fault Finding, Testing & Multimeters DVD on your iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

There are 21 Chapters showing you all about multimeters, how to carry out the electrical safety tests in full, how to test stats, fans, sensors and pumps, about diverter valves, expansion vessels and the sequence of operation.

Learn at your own pace.

Suitable for new entrants, those moving from installing to repairs and existing breakdown engineers.


Pipe Sizing

The most common cause of a boiler installation problem was from incorrectly sized gas pipes. When fitting a new boiler, often the existing pipes should be replace for larger ones due to the increased output. Smaller pipes will mean the boiler is running at a lower power and can cause an increase in carbon monoxide levels.

To carry out a calculation simply select the gas type, enter the appliance heat input, enter the pipe length, the number of high or low loss fittings (guidance is given in the app), select the type of pipe and then press the ‘Calculate’ button.

The results will show the total equivalent length, the minimum pipe diameter (metric) that should be used and the pressure drop for that section of pipe.
Please note: This app is designed mainly for the UK so supports metric pipe sizes only.

***This APP should be used with the Pipe Sizing APP***


Wiring & Controls “How to videos”

Will help you master two and three-port controls by helping you to understand how they work and how to wire them up correctly. You’ll also learn how to fully test the system and some fault finding techniques, giving you the confidence you need when you’re at a customer’s house.

“How to” chapters testing room stats, programmers, valves, best tools, wiring centres, sequence of wiring, fault finding, cylinder stats and a lot more. Easy to follow no experience necessary.
The app contains 19 chapters with 73 minutes of all new content:


Wiring & Controls

For beginners or professionals, we took wiring black and white diagrams and turned them into fantastic coloured wiring diagrams which are much easier to follow. They’re essential for wiring up controls on 2 and 3 port installations room stats programmers.

Baxi, Danfoss, Drayton, Hive, Nest, Resideo (Honeywell) Vaillant, Worcester Bosch


Heatloss Calculator & Guide

Installers or home owners

Check most rooms and see which radiator should be installed, often it’s too small resulting in higher boiler temperature required which is costly and less efficient. This APP is easy to use,

just input the ㎥ select temp. 22c and go…

• Heatloss calculator – finds the heatloss from a room
• Radiator calculator – estimates a radiator’s length/output
• Converter – quickly converts between Watts and BTU/h


Gas Ventilation Calculator 

The easy to use Gas Ventilation Calculator will help you find the required ventilation sizes for domestic flueless, open flue and room sealed appliances up to 70kW (net). It also supports multiple rooms, multiple appliances and includes an extractor fan calculator and a vent size calculator.

This calculator will find the required vent size for flueless appliances such as cookers, grills, water heaters and space heaters. Enter the dimensions of the room and the heat input of the appliance and the calculator will find the vent size required or advise if no vent is needed or that the appliance should not be fitted in that room.

Multiple Rooms:
For an open flue appliance where the path to outside is via another room use the ‘Walls to outside’ option within the Open Flue Calculator to select the number of walls vents need to be fitted into. It will also take into account adventitious air or if the appliance in a compartment as per the selected options.

Room Sealed:
For a room sealed appliance simply enter the heat input and the calculator will find the vent sizes required if the appliance is in a compartment.

Vent Size:
A calculator is included to find the total size of a vent with rectangular or circular holes.

Gas Rate Calculator

Is the gas appliance burning the correct amount? Too much or too little is not allowed,

***This APP should be used with the Pipe Sizing APP***

The Gas Rate Calculator will help you find gas rates (cubic metres per hour, cubic feet per hour and litres per second) and gross and net heat inputs in MJ/h, kW and BTUs per hour.

The app has the following features:

✔ Built-in let-by/tightness testing timers



F.22 Error & Fault Codes

Download from 17 Top boiler manufactures 100’s of error codes, fault codes and flow charts

Do you ever get to a customer’s house, their boiler is showing a fault code and there’s no servicing manual in sight?

With our app you won’t need to hunt for the manual, you can quickly find the cause of the error and get cracking with fixing the problem.

Our Boiler Fault Codes app is jam packed with fault codes for the most popular boilers and manufacturers in the UK.

Save time and money contact the manufacturer by Post phone text  or email (where available)  from site.