In 2022 there were over 23 million boilers were installed in the UK

Every year just over 1.5 million are replaced with a 2 to 10 year guarantee.

EVERY boiler should  to be checked EVERY year to comply with T & C’s

Only a “Gas Safe” registered engineer  can check, service or repair gas boilers.


Of the 150.000 registered engineers less than 60.000 can fix combies, that’s over 383,000 per engineer per year!

These engineers NEVER look for work, and are the HIGHEST paid manual skilled workers.

Why Mr Combi?

After 45 years ‘on the tools’ with 20 years running Mr Combi Training, a hands on course (now retired) we can help and support you to become a breakdown / service engineer.

The Solution:

If you are new into the industry or want to add this to installing or your body says STOP! Work SMARTER not HARDER earn more money less stress.

Our Apps

We started building our first app way back in 2011 and we’re proud to say we’ve seen over 300.000 downloads.

You can find out more on our Apps page.

Our 2 video based APPs which both our most popular APPs.

We would love to support you on that journey.

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